Thursday, May 13

New Blog


I love you guys! You all are so nice (:
I broke up with my boyfriend yesterday. & it's not the usual sad love song where he cheated. It was more of a "why do you keep doing what I asked you not to do?" I mean, he & I still hug & kiss. But technically we aren't together. I just don't know if I'm ready to accept the emotional stress that comes along with having a boyfriend. Also I'm going back to Lousiana for the summer, and I won't be back until August, & he's screwing up already. Siiigh.

In other news: I'm planning on finding a summer job. I'm actually looking foward to going back home; although, I'm being "forced against my will." (I'm not really being forced, I'm just talking.)

Also, I'm obsessed with this man:

Yummy (:

Looking foward to FREEDOM! Haha, I'm just blabbing. I had to get that off of my chest. But I love his voice, he can really spit a lyric. Not to mention he has the body of a BEAST <3 Anyway, peace love & happiness. xD

Thursday, April 15

I'm not "dead"

I'm taking a break. I wil be back shortly, tho ;/